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Calling all agents! We give you the tools and support you need to sell payment processing services and equipment successfully

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Dedicated to helping you do business better

Get the resources and support you need to provide your prospective clients with competitive rates, highest level of security and world-class customer support.

  • Dedicated Support: We answer the phones quickly and can solve the problem on the first call most of the time.
  • Relationship Management: Dedicated team to help agents get applications submitted faster.
  • Business Support: We offer marketing and sales support, performance management, and business strategy & action plan.
  • Innovative Technology: Use our auto-boarding functionality and easily manage your merchant accounts, residuals and stay up to date with industry information through our platform.

You Deserve to Succeed

Want a bigger piece of the pie?! With PAYARC, you can maximize your profitability with every transaction that comes from your retail accounts.

Quick Under Writing Turnaround:
Once an application is submitted, the merchant can be live in 3 days or less

Best Agent Splits:
We effectively give you 90% of the residual commission for retail accounts.

Little to No Risk:
Agents typically do not need to worry about sharing in the same risk as PAYARC.

Discover PAYARC's No-Cost Processing

Welcome to a world where processing fees are a thing of the past, thanks to PAYARC’s Zero-Fee Processing solution! Empower your merchants to retain their hard-earned revenue in full, encourage cash transactions, and revel in the convenience of next-day funding. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to learn more – download our comprehensive brochure right away! 

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