What’s a Chargeback? Understanding Different Types of Ecommerce Fraud

If you are a new merchant in ecommerce, you will likely find yourself asking “what’s a chargeback?” at some point. Chargebacks are an unfortunate reality for online merchants, though with the right knowledge and planning, chargebacks can be minimized. A chargeback is happens when a customer disputes a charge with their payment card issuing bank and the bank refunds the transaction to the customer.

What to Do About Post-Holiday Returns

Post-holiday returns are a reality for merchants of all shapes and sizes. Last year, UPS projected a whopping 1.4 million returns on January 3, 2018. Ecommerce returns are projected to smash previous numbers, meaning merchants need to get prepared.

Top Considerations for Running $1 Trial Offers

Offering $1 trial offers is a great way to acquire new customers and enable people to try your product or service at a discount. It’s a lucrative business model for subscription and continuity merchants who offer products and services at a recurring fee. While it has several financial benefits, this model also has some drawbacks.