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Improve Your Residual Earnings Today

We understand that compensation plays a crucial role in your decision-making process, and we’re confident that our competitive revenue-sharing and bonus program will exceed your expectations.

Unlock a range of lucrative benefits:

  • Earn up to 90% revenue shares
  • Signing bonuses up to $7,500
  • Make $500 per merchant activation
  • Free CURV terminal placements  

Best Dual Pricing Program in the Industry

Our omnichannel CURV POS system lets merchants pass on acceptance costs to customers, removing all processing fees. It aligns with your Schedule A and has no extra transaction fees. You and your merchants both win.

Take advantage of:

  • Increased revenue through cash discount fee earnings. 
  • An innovative payment solution that sets you apart from competitors.
  • The opportunity to build stronger relationships with merchants by helping them save money.
  • Activation bonuses of up to $15,000!

Unparallel Customer Support

Our mission is to help you do business better, and that’s why we provide top tier support to our partners with:

  • Dedicated relationship manager and 24-hour on-call customer and agent support helps you to retain merchants while getting the assistance you need.
  • Live and on-demand library of webinars, rich with resources to new and experienced agents.
  • Marketing and sales support, performance management, and business strategy & action plans in your exclusive agent portal.
  • Fast onboarding: Same-day onboarding with real-time application tracking helps you to retain merchants and get them live within hours.

You want it? We got it

Aggressive agent bonuses for high volume merchants

Scale your business faster with higher revenue shares on larger merchant processing volumes. 

Multiple sponsor
bank relationships

More sponsors means more merchants are able to be boarded with PAYARC that may be harder to place with other processors.

Risk Management
and Underwriting Team 

Our experienced team is dedicated to managing and mitigating risk, giving you peace of mind when onboarding harder-to-place merchants. 

One home
for all merchants

Say goodbye to working across multiple processors with different types of merchants and processing needs. PAYARC is your one-stop shop for payment processing, no matter the vertical.

+1 877-203-6624 

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