Frequently asked questions

Questions you might have, answered all in one place.

Frequently asked questions

Questions you might have, answered all in one place.


How can PAYARC guarantee safety?

With options like tokenization and encryption, along with strict PCI compliance, PAYARC is a leader in security for payment processors.

Who can use PAYARC?

All kinds of organizations use PAYARC to accept payments and manage their business. From restaurants to not-for-profits, to some of the largest online retailers, we have the tools you need to succeed.

What are your support hours?

Our highly trained support team is available via phone or email 24/7. You can also learn from our blog, to find useful tips, articles, and thorough video walkthroughs.

What kinds of payments can I accept with PAYARC?

You can use PAYARC to accept Apple Pay, Google Pay, and most credit and debit cards, including Visa, Mastercard, American Express.

Do I have to be PCI compliant?

Yes. Anyone who accepts credit card payments needs to comply with the latest PCI DSS rules. If you want to know more about PCI rules, our team will be happy to answer specific questions about your scope of compliance.

Can I use PAYARC for recurring or subscription billing?

Yes, we offer recurring billing tools for SaaS, media subscriptions, recurring donations, and other cyclical billing.

What can I expect as an agent?

You can expect a high approval rate on deals with a fast turnaround, lucrative and flexible programs, and ongoing industry education to benefit you and your business. You’ll get real-time portal access through our CRM to help keep track of all your pending applications and live merchants, all along with our commitment to best practices.

How can I choose the right terminal for in-person transactions?

Your choice of terminals can transform the daily operation of your business and improve your customer’s journey. Let us help you identify the perfect POS for your business, based on your unique needs and goals.