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With PAYARC you are able to connect to a wide range of popular third-party apps. These may be tools you’re already using, or new ones that help you get the most out of selling with us.

All-In-One Payment Platform

Manage invoices, sales, and transactions, straight from your Dashboard.

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Our technology-driven tools will support your business as it grows through every stage.

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Whether you are selling in person or online, we can help you take all kinds of payments quickly, securely, and without hidden fees. Our payment processing solutions and technology-driven tools will help your business save money and time!

Payments Made Easy (Finally!)

Effortlessly accept every type of in-person and online payment with our payment platform. Equip your business with industry-leading technology, including modern terminals, professional invoicing tools, and contactless payment methods for smarter processing and optimization.

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accept online payments wherever you are or in-person using our terminals, even when you don’t have an internet connection.

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