Fast, easy, and secure all-in-one payments solution to power your software platform

With industry-leading revenue shares, hassle-free integrations, and world-class partner support, PAYARC sets you up for growth and success. We empower you to scale your business – one payment at a time.

Level-up your payments experience with our all-in-one platform

Grow recurring revenue

Improve customer experience and acquisition

Reduce operation costs

Streamline transactions, subscriptions, billing, invoicing, accounting, taxes, and more with a single consolidated platform.

Easy to integrate

We move quickly to integrate a revenue-generating, powerful payments engine into your software.

  • Fully integrate payments in 60 days or less
  • Customizable packages based on past volume performance and future proformas
  • Easy API and gateway agnostic for convenient integration into your system

Solutions that will evolve with you

We offer customizable pricing and revenue share models that reflect the most efficient entry point.

  • Offering tiered cost structure and revenue shares that scale with your business
  • Structure costs based on past and future volume performance
  • No hidden fees or markups

User-friendly for employees and customers

Our payments integration allows ISV partners to keep the user experience native to the core for everyone involved.

  • Employees and merchants can manage and navigate payments directly from the personalized dashboard
  • Merchants can setup custom subscriptions and manage recurring payments for customers
  • Merchants can configure reporting and invoicing features to their preferences

Security you can count on

Our sophisticated security features protect you no matter what. You can count on us to help you beat fraud, manage chargebacks, and prevent loss.

  • Protect customer data with PCI Level 1 DSS compliance certification
  • Leverage third-party integration risk vendors for real-time fraud mitigation
  • Customize payment retry protocols and rich and reporting analytics

Your new business HQ

Make smarter decisions based on real-time data that you can trust.  

  • Maximize your learnings and insights on our ISV Dashboard and Portal
  • Get access to real-time data and analytics 
  • Explore new profit revenues and increase valuation for your product

Always there when you need us 24/7

Our team of experts with deep expertise in payments are always available to answer your questions.

  • Dedicated onboarding support to get you set-up
  • Resource library of demos and videos
  • Unlimited 24/7 support – just for you!

Accept payments from all major credit card brands and digital wallets


We’ve got the answers to your questions

Integrated payments refer to a payment processing system that is embedded directly into a software application. This allows end users to make a purchase within the software solution rather than having to complete the sale through a third-party payment provider.

A payment gateway API functions to integrate an existing application with a payment processing provider to connect the payment system with your checkout function.

Yes! With PAYARC, you can use our technology to sell online or in-person and accept payments.

Absolutely! We can help make managing your merchant portfolio easy and frictionless. With our merchant portal, we provide quick merchant underwriting and onboarding, online application submission, and application status tracking for ISVs’ merchant customers. 

As a full-service payments partner, we offer a comprehensive growth program for our ISV partners to help tackle go-to-market strategies and support business growth.

We can move quickly! In as little as 30 days with most integrations.