Knowledge Category: Fraud Prevention

Chargeback Monitoring Program

Merchants are expected to keep disputes and fraud at acceptable levels. If your business receives excessive chargebacks, you could land on the chargeback monitoring program.

Mobile App Payment Gateway

Mobile app developers joining us today appreciate that there are many mobile app payment gateways to choose from, but might like to know what to consider when choosing one. Let’s walk through it together.

Friendly Fraud?

The friendly fraud problem continues to grow and merchants are especially vulnerable during the holidays. In some cases, it accounts for 35% of fraud loss!

How to Guard Against Fraud

While we’re still several months out from the peak period, merchants need to start thinking about fraud prevention measures now to be prepared in time. We’ll break down nine different ways online merchants can prevent fraud this holiday season – and beyond.

Payment Aggregator

Online statistics firm Statista predicts that more than 100 million Americans will use peer-to-peer payments in 2020 due to the convenience and simplicity that payment aggregators offer. However, there’s more that you should know about how payment aggregators operate if you choose to put your faith in the hands of PayPal or Square when starting your business.