Knowledge Category: Security

Digital Payment Security

Digital payments are a quick, secure, and easy way to purchase products or services, both online and in-store. To drive further adoption of digital payment cards, building consumer trust in digital payment security is paramount. Concerns about fraud and security techniques remain strong as there’s still a need for reassurance. How? By simply educating consumers on the various technologies that are securing digital payments. In doing so, banks and merchants can encourage more customers to benefit from the convenience of a complete digital payment experience.

Verified By Visa

Transactions that use Verified by Visa technology maybe eligible for lower interchange rates, so if you are an eCommerce merchant it is prudent to look into this service—it could save you money!

Mobile App Monetization

Business objectives drive the best choices every business owner makes. At least, owners wanting to make money in the real world look to their business objectives when deciding how to take products to market. Mobile app monetization represents one such choice that all app developers must make. Have you thought that through for your app?

Trial Offers

Offering $1 trial offers is a great way to acquire new customers and enable people to try your product or service at a discount. It’s a lucrative business model for subscription and continuity merchants who offer products and services at a recurring fee. While it has several financial benefits, this model also has some drawbacks.