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Mobile App Monetization

Business objectives drive the best choices every business owner makes. At least, owners wanting to make money in the real world look to their business objectives when deciding how to take products to market. Mobile app monetization represents one such choice that all app developers must make. Have you thought that through for your app?

Trial Offers

Offering $1 trial offers is a great way to acquire new customers and enable people to try your product or service at a discount. It’s a lucrative business model for subscription and continuity merchants who offer products and services at a recurring fee. While it has several financial benefits, this model also has some drawbacks.

Payment Processors and Compliance

If you run an eCommerce shop, you are probably familiar with the term “compliance”. It’s a winding path for online merchants, as the card-not-present space presents more risk, threats, and security issues than face-to-face payments.

Mobile App Payment Gateway

Mobile app developers joining us today appreciate that there are many mobile app payment gateways to choose from, but might like to know what to consider when choosing one. Let’s walk through it together.

Payment Processing

In the era of omnichannel commerce, merchants need to streamline payments capabilities across every touchpoint: from brick-and-mortar to the web to apps and mobile pay. Today’s customers will not tolerate delays, and in a competitive marketplace, there are 100 retailers ready and waiting to scoop them up.

Friendly Fraud?

The friendly fraud problem continues to grow and merchants are especially vulnerable during the holidays. In some cases, it accounts for 35% of fraud loss!

Timeline of A Chargeback

As all merchants know, chargebacks are an undesirable aspect of doing business, however, it is necessary to know the ins and outs of them if you want to accept credit cards.

Ins and Outs of the Credit Card Dispute Process

If you’re an online merchant, you probably know that fraud in card-not-present (CNP) transactions is on the rise, increasing from 2.8 billion in 2014 to 4 billion in 2017. That means that more and more consumers might be the victims of online fraud — or they are fraudsters themselves.