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We provide everything you need to accept integrated payments, hassle-free. Focus on growth with PAYARC’s powerful APIs designed to help you capture more revenue.

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A payments platform that puts you and your software merchants first

Get live quickly  

PCI compliant payments integration can be live less than 60 days after contracting.

World-class support

We have a dedicated customer support team available 24/7 to answer your questions.

Manage money at scale

Create detailed analytical reports, manage payments, issue refunds and more.

Clear on costs

We guarantee 100% upfront transparency on models for economics pricing.

Solutions that can evolve as you do.

We offer a customizable approach to our pricing and structure our costs based on past volume performance and future performance.

We want your business to thrive even as operation and customer needs change.

Our platform was made for you to make it your own.

We make sure that our ISV partner’s customers will also have an easy and smooth transition where their employees and consumers will not have any issues with payments or navigating the payment features.

Your merchants can control reporting and invoicing feature to their preference.

Security suite for fraud protection and risk management.

Our enhanced, user-friendly payment experience comes with PCI compliance and risk management.

Count on us to help you prevent losses, manage chargebacks, and beat fraud.


Integrated payments refer to a payment processing system that is embedded directly into a software application. This allows end users to make a purchase within the software solution rather than having to complete the sale through a third-party payment provider.

A payment gateway API functions to integrate an existing application with a payment processing provider; to connect the payment system with the business’s checkout function.

Yes! With PAYARC, you can use our technology to sell online or in-person and accept payments.

We can move quickly! In as little as 30 days with most integrations.

As a full-service payments partner, we offer a comprehensive growth program for our ISV partners to help tackle go-to-market strategies and support business growth.

Level up with our all-in-one payments ecosystem