Replacing Your Terminal In 2020

The Verifone VX520, VX805, and Ingenico iCT220 have been a staple for brick-and-mortar merchants for some time now. Businesses like the design and the familiarity of these terminals, and people tend to go with what they know. Unfortunately, due to the PCI-DSS standards changing this year, these terminals are no longer considered compliant and the companies are discontinuing them instead of updating them. This means that support for these devices will be discontinued as well.

If you have one of these soon-to-be-obsolete terminals, this is the time to look into alternatives. At PAYARC, we offer a variety of terminal solutions to suit every merchant’s needs. Our picks for replacing the previously-mentioned devices are the Dejavoo Z11, the PAX A80,and the Ingenico Lane 5000.

Dejavoo Z11

This sturdy countertop POS device is ideal for an active business that needs reliability above all.The Dejavoo Z11 has a 2.4” color LCD display with a backlight and PCT touchscreen for signature to make transactions quick and simple. This device can also accept all forms of payment, including contactless, so your customers can pay in any way they want. It can also be programmed for cash discount! It can be programmed for dial-up, ethernet, or Wi-Fi, and can even scroll multiple images on the screen in idle mode for branding purposes.


Payment should be seamless and only take a few moments—you want your customer to remember how convenient your business was, and a simple payment transaction is certainly part of that. Luckily, the PAX S80 is here for just that purpose! The ARM 11 processor gives the PAX S80 a large memory capacity and the capability to support multiple payment applications, including the ability to process contactless transactions. The flexible platform makes performing transactions a breeze and is capable of being programmed for cash discount.

Ingenico Lane 5000

This terminal was designed with bustling retailers in mind. It is user-friendly with a 3.5” color touchscreen capable of signature capture and accepts all types of payment methods. It is held to the highest security standards without sacrificing transaction speed and integrates easily with most POS systems.

We understand that changing a terminal can be inconvenient to businesses. However, PAYARC is here to ensure that the transition from the old terminals to the new ones is as painless as possible.Call or email us today to make the switch!