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American Express Reason Codes

Everything You Need to Know About American Express Reason Codes

Reason codes make it easy for you to check the status of your disputes or chargebacks.

If your business has been subject to a chargeback, you may login to the “Resolve Disputes” area in your American Express merchant account. You will see a complete table of your disputes and chargebacks. Each of your disputes and chargebacks will have a reason code attached to it.


What is a chargeback reason code?


American Express isn’t the only card network that uses reason codes.

Each major card network uses its own set of codes which can make it confusing for you to decipher. In fact, there are around 151 codes across all four major credit card companies!

The American Express chargeback reason code is a 2 to 4 digit code consisting of numbers and letters. In most cases, these codes fall into one of these five categories:

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#1 Fraud or No Authorization

This can happen for two reasons: either the customer doesn’t remember this transaction taking place, or the customer’s credit card may have been compromised.


#2 Cancel Recurring Billing

In these cases, the customer may have cancelled a subscription but was still charged. Or they may not have been aware that their purchase includes recurring billing.


#3 Products or Services

The customer may make claims that a product or service did not match the description or that the product arrived damaged.


#4 Liability Shift

These apply to non-chip card chargebacks, or fraudulent transactions.


#5 Other

This miscellaneous category is used for any other dispute that doesn’t fit in to any of the main categories.


While chargebacks happen to businesses of all kinds, you are going to want to keep your chargebacks to a minimum to reduce any fees, time and penalties.


How can you prevent chargebacks from occurring?




Chargeback Prevention Tips from American Express:

  • Process credit immediately and let cardmembers know when they will receive a refund
  • Share the return or exchange policy before completing the checkout process
  • Ask for the Card Identification Number
  • Use the Automated Address Verification Service
  • Keep dissatisfied customers in the loop about the steps you are taking to resolve the dispute
  • Obtain the customer’s signature for items picked up in store, work orders, etc
  • Bill customers after products are shipped or service provided




Need Help with a Chargeback Dispute?


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Code Description Transaction Modifiers Category
F10 Missing Imprint None Fraud
F14 Missing Signature None Fraud
F24 No Card Member Authorization None Fraud
F29 Card Not Present Airline Transaction Fraud
F30 EMV Counterfeit None Fraud
F31 EMV Lost/Stolen/Non-Received None Fraud
A01 Charge Amount Exceeds Authorization Amount None Authorization
A02 No Valid Authorization None Authorization
A08 Authorization Approval Expired None Authorization
P01 Unassigned Card Number None Processing Errors
P03 Credit Processed as Charge None Processing Errors
P04 Charge Processed as Credit None Processing Errors
P05 Incorrect Charge Amount None Processing Errors
P07 Late Submission None Processing Errors
P08 Duplicate Charge None Processing Errors
P22 Non-Matching Card Number None Processing Errors
P23 Currency Discrepancy None Processing Errors
C02 Credit Not Processed None Card Member Disputes
C04 Goods/Services Returned or Refused None Card Member Disputes
C05 Goods/Services Canceled None Card Member Disputes
C08 Goods/Services Not Received or Only Partially Received Airline Transaction, Digital Goods Download, Site to Store Card Member Disputes
C14 Paid by Other Means None Card Member Disputes
C18 “No Show” or CARDeposit Canceled None Card Member Disputes
C28 Canceled Recurring Billing None Card Member Disputes
C31 Goods/Services Not As Described None Card Member Disputes
C32 Goods/Services Damaged or Defective None Card Member Disputes
M10 Vehicle Rental – Capital Damages None Inquiry/Miscellaneous
M49 Vehicle Rental – Theft or Loss of Use None Inquiry/Miscellaneous
M01 Chargeback Authorization None Inquiry/Miscellaneous
R03 Insufficient Reply None Inquiry/Miscellaneous
R13 No Reply None Inquiry/Miscellaneous
FR2 Fraud Full Recourse Program None Inquiry/Miscellaneous
FR4 Immediate Chargeback Program None Inquiry/Miscellaneous
FR6 Partial Immediate Chargeback Program None Inquiry/Miscellaneous


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