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Level 3 Processing

Level 3 Processing

Level 3 credit card processing is a payment integration system that works with business-to-business transactions. It saves merchants in cost because in a B2B transaction, card networks have more information about both parties, which lessens the threat of fraud. The additional information that the card networks have includes what was purchased, where the purchase was made, and how much was spent, along with more than ten other data fields. Because of these extra “line item details,” card networks can offer much lower interchange rates for level 3 processing. 

To qualify for level 3 processing, a merchant must accept certain payment methods issued by Visa or MasterCard. These methods include purchasing cards, corporate cards, or government spending accounts, and level 3 processing can only be used with these methods of payment. For example, even if you accept level 3 processing, that doesn’t mean that every transaction you process will have the level 3 interchange rate—just that when you process those payment methods, you will have the level 3 interchange rate. 

Credit Card Processing

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Level 3 Interchange Rates

The following table shows the processing fee for Visa’s commercial level 3 fee program as of 04/13/2019: 

The following table shows the processing fee for Visa’s government spending account program as of 04/13/2019:

The following table shows the processing fee for MasterCard’s Large Market Credit program as of 04/12/2019*:

*The “eliminated” categories were for commercial debit and commercial prepaid programs—the only level 3 processing that MasterCard now offers is under the large market credit program.

Level 3 Gateway

Level 3 processing can only be managed using a special gateway, not a physical terminal. This is because normal terminals do not capture the information required for level 3. PayArc offers this gateway for our merchants who would like to accept level 3 payment methods, so contact us today to get started!

Cost Saving Credit Card Processing

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