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Ingenico ICT22O

One of the Smallest & Lightest POS Devices on the Planet

Deliver a seamless buying experience so that your customers come back again and again. The popular Ingenico ICT220 is loved by all businesses – from small local shops, to giant megastores.

See how the Ingenico ICT220 is already helping millions of businesses like yours process sales faster and easier.

Why Businesses Choose Ingenico ICT220:

  • Instantly prints reports
  • Reprint receipts & reverse payments without hassle
  • Chip reader included
  • Backlit PIN pad
  • PCI PTS 2.x and 3.x certified
  • Includes EMV chip & PIN, and magstripe
  • Equipped with traditional dial-up, new generation IP, wireless GPRS or Wi-Fi

Credit Card Processing

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Easy, Fast Setup

You don’t need to be a tech genius to get your device up and running quickly. Simply follow the easy directions so you can start processing payments faster and easier than ever before.

Maximum Security for Your Customers

Protect your customers from prying eyes with this high-security device. It has been approved for PIN safety by the PCI Security Standards Council. It is both PCI PTS 2.x and 3.x certified with SRED and open protocol modules. For additional PIN entry confidentiality, you may opt for a PIN privacy shield.

Easy Handling

Never again will you have to worry about bulky devices that take up counter space. The Ingenico ICT22O is sleek and lightweight, yet robust enough for daily use. With its large keys and backlit keypad, your customers will make less PIN entry errors so you can process sales seamlessly.

Scalable Operating System

Embedded into the device is Telium2 – an easy-to-use operating system that enables fast and secure payment processing.

Multiple Connectivity Alternatives

Built-in to the device is a vast array of communication technologies, including traditional dial-up, new generation IP, wireless GPRS or Wi-Fi

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