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Ingenico IPP320

Sleek Payment Solution Designed For Banking & Retail Needs

Uplevel the buying experience for your customers with this incredibly fast and secure payment solution. This robust device has been specifically designed to keep up with intense banking and retail environments. It is sleek enough for easy handling, yet powerful enough for fast and easy checkout.

Why Businesses Choose Ingenico IPP320:


  • Accepts contactless payments
  • LCD display
  • Large 15-key backlit keypad
  • PCI PTS 4.x certified
  • Includes EMV chip & PIN, magstripe, and NFC/contactless payments
  • Equipped with traditional dial-up, new generation IP, wireless GPRS or Wi-Fi

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Meets the Highest Security Requirements

Ensure secure data and application management for your customers. This smart terminal is PCI PTS 4.x certified and complies with SRED and Open protocol modules. For additional PIN entry confidentiality, you may opt for a PIN privacy shield.


Made for Retail & Banking

This robust yet compact device has been intentionally built for fast checkout. It takes up very little counter space and provides easy handling which makes it ideal for busy banking and retail environments.

All Payment Methods Accepted

The Ingenico iPP320 allows you to accept a wide range of payment options. Not only can you accept EMV chip & PIN, magstripe, and NFC/contactless payments – this device also supports new NFC technologies like loyalty and wallets.

Seamless Integration

Integrating your payment solution has never been easier. Connect to an ECR, a POS or a PC via direct connection with Ethernet or RS232. This device is equipped with a single multi-point mono connector cable for your convenience.

Multiple Connectivity Alternatives

Built-in to the device is a vast array of communication technologies, including traditional dial-up, new generation IP, wireless GPRS or Wi-Fi



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