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TSYS Vital

TSYS Vital


TSYS now offers POS systems that work for you! With three different systems, it’s easy to find what is ideal for your business. Additionally, the Vital POS systems offer the following tools to help you run your business more efficiently:

Inventory Management: this feature allows you to obtain data regarding inventory expenses and how much you have in stock

Taxes and Tax Reporting: you can track and manage taxes for accounting procedures

Employee Management: track time and attendance of employees

Pricing and Discounts: Manage price points and discount programs across products and locations

Customer Payments: Accepts all forms of payment

Any of the Vital POS systems that you choose can be connected to the Vital Back Office. This is a program that can be accessed from any web browser, and allows you to manage inventory, control pricing, and access reports. It is designed to make merchants’ lives easier.

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Vital Mobile

The Vital Mobile is perfect for any business on the go. Compatible with most iOS and Android devices, you can take your Vital Mobile from festivals to farmer’s markets for a great customer experience. This POS is easy-to-use and is sure to help your mobile business grow, with two different card readers to choose from: the C3 and C4. Both card readers offer Bluetooth connectivity, and accept chip and magstripe payments, however the C4 also accepts NFC payments from digital wallets.

Vital Plus

The Vital Plus is an elegant, sleek-looking terminal that accepts all forms of payment and offers a thermal receipt printer. With a bi-directional barcode scanner and WiFi connectivity, the Vital Plus offers features that help run your business better. Additionally, the Vital Plus has a 5-inch touch screen interface for ease-of-use, which has the added bonus of making your business look modern. 

Vital Select

The Vital Select comes in two register models, the X8 and the E15. Both feature a customer facing display, a receipt printer, a bar code scanner, a magstripe card reader, a chip card reader, and an NFC reader to accept payment from digital wallets. The E15 is larger than the X8 and also features a PIN pad and cash drawer.

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