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Verifone VX680

Verifone VX680

The Verifone VX680 is a small, full-function, portable, handheld payment device which is perfect for any business. The color display is attractive and the design of the terminal itself is modern. The blue backlit keypad allows customers to see the keys more clearly and increases accuracy when entering PINs. 

Credit Card Processing

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PortabilityWhy Choose the Verifone VX680?

  • Backward compatibility with existing applications and accessories for VX670
  • Portable
  • Accepts magstripe, EMV chip, and contactless payments to let customers choose their favorite way to pay
  • 3.5” color display
  • Secure
  • Powerful – this terminal features a 400 MHz ARM11 32-bit RISC processor
  • Integrated thermal printer with graphics capabilities


Weighing just one pound, the Verifone VX680 is convenient, unobtrusive, and portable. Designed for mobile merchants, it can be connected to the internet using GPRS or WiFi. Take your terminal on the go!


The Verifone VX680 includes EMV and PCI PED 2.0, with the option of PCI PTS 3.0. A built-in end-to-end encryption feature keeps your customers’ card data safe from thieves.

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