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Payment Processing for Utilities

Payment Processing for Utilities

Solar, heat, wind, water, electric—without our utilities, many of the day-to-day activities we perform would grind to a halt if we didn’t have our modern comforts. We all know how we feel when we don’t have access to these for one reason or another, so we’re all too happy to pay for them. Given the ubiquity of credit and debit cards, it follows that many people pay for their utilities using them.

So you want a processor that understands you and wants to work to help your business grow. You don’t want your payments to be eaten up by processing fees, and you want to know that your customers’ data is safe from a potential breach in security. PayArc has incredibly low rates for card-present merchants and a partnership with IT security services company ControlScan to help merchants stay PCI-compliant.

Credit Card Processing

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Recurring Transactions

If you run a business that provides access to utilities, you know the importance of a payment processor that can provide recurring transactions. So many people rely on automatic billing of their credit or debit card that the idea of mailing in a check to pay for utilities seems antiquated and unnecessary. And nobody wants to have to remember to log on or call into their account every month and re-enter their card information just to pay the bill. Thus, allowing for recurring transactions is not only a smart business move, but it’s also expected by customers.

The Utility Sector and PayArc

Luckily, PayArc offers the ability to process recurring transactions! We have the experience with utility businesses that you can trust. Along with our low rates and dedication to card data security, PayArc prides itself on being sensitive to the needs of our merchants on an individual level, so we can learn how to best serve them and become the payment processor they’ve wished for. Contact PayArc today to get started processing right!

Cost Saving Credit Card Processing

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