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Payment Processing in the Healthcare Industry

Payment Processing in the Healthcare Industry

The healthcare industry is fast-paced and ever-changing. Dealing with insurance payments is hard enough, but when insurance doesn’t cover everything your patients may have to pay a co-pay. That’s where a good payment processor can make all the difference: you don’t want your payments being eaten up by processing fees, so it’s important to research the perfect processor for your practice or pharmacy. Some things to consider when choosing a processor include:

Credit Card Processing

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Payment acceptance

Choose a processor that provides terminals that accept all forms of payment: traditional magstripe, EMV chip, and contactless. These days, many customers have a preferred way to pay, and it’s important that you provide them with that option.

Low rates

Because you don’t want your credit card processing fees to take up most of your payments, you’ll want to examine the rates that different processors give you and make the decision that works best for your business. Learn more about interchange rates here.


When you run a busy medical or dental practice or pharmacy, you may run into certain problems or have questions regarding your credit card processing. In that case, you’ll want to choose a payment processor that is sensitive to your needs as a business and wants to provide the best service possible. Being able to speak to someone on the phone is a real advantage!

Luckily, PayArc offers all three of these things to our merchants. The terminals we offer are modern, efficient, and accept all forms of payment methods. Our low-risk rates are some of the best in the business. And, of course, you can speak to a real person on the phone whenever you have questions or concerns.

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