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Payment Processing in the Restaurant Industry

Payment Processing in the Restaurant Industry

Few industries are as fast-paced and demanding as the restaurant industry. When you’re focusing on everything else that comes with running a successful restaurant, it’s hard to pay much attention to payment processing. However, it’s not something you should ignore—payment is a vital part of your business, after all! Customers want the easiest way to pay, and you and your employees want a seamless process from start to finish. 

As you’re probably well aware, “pay-at-the-table” POS systems are becoming quite popular with restaurants. Customers love that the credit card never leaves their sight, and servers don’t have to keep running back and forth to a stationary POS system. Because the customers can check themselves out, table turnover is faster, and servers have one less thing to worry about.

Credit Card Processing

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PayArc offers an ideal “pay-at-the-table” solution with the Dejavoo Z1 terminal—able to connect with 3G, WiFi, or Bluetooth, the Z1 fits in the palm of your hand and has the option for digital receipts instead of paper ones. This terminal also features a touch screen and accepts EMV chip and contactless payments, which are more secure than swipe payments and give your restaurant an edge over the competition. 

PayArc also offers more traditional POS systems if you prefer, from more classic ones like the __ to the sleek, modern-looking Poynt. These POS systems offer a streamlined process to make checkout easy, whether you own a fine dining restaurant, a bar & grill, or the beloved local diner. 

Terminals, of course, are far from the only part of payment processing in a restaurant. When you choose PayArc as your processor, you get the benefits of:

Thorough PCI Compliance program through our partnership with ControlScan

State-of-the-art security technology, including encryption and tokenization of consumer card data

Responsive support staff 

A processor that works for you and your business specifically, and wants to find out how we can best help you to succeed

PayArc is dedicated to determining what exactly what your restaurant business needs to process payments as cheaply and efficiently as possible. When your payments run smoothly, it takes one less thing off your mind and allows you to focus on the myriad other things that go into running a restaurant. So, while processing is absolutely vital, with PayArc, it can seem like it’s no issue at all.

Cost Saving Credit Card Processing

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