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How to Optimize Your Natural Products Store Online

Running a natural products store online can be highly profitable due to the growing consumer interest in organic food and beverage items, as well as supplements. The U.S. Natural and Organic Product Industry sales surged 6.5% to $207 billion in 2017, while the natural supplement market grew 6.1% to $44 billion in the U.S. over the same span, according to New Hope Network’s Nutrition Business Journal.

Using payment solutions to grow your meal prep business

Ecommerce merchants choose their industry sectors for many reasons. That’s half the fun of coming up with, and executing on, a business idea. Sometimes your choice furthers a life-long passion, while other times it’s as simple as recognizing and filling a market need. Being first off-the-block is often a winning strategy for a sprint, but not so much in a marathon.

Credit Card Processing for Dental Practices

The payments industry has dramatically shifted over the past few years, and many people now choose to pay with a credit card, or an electronic wallet like Apple Pay or Google Pay. Digital solutions like credit card processing for dental practices eliminates the overhead associated with paper invoices, and provides many benefits to dental practices and their patients.

4 Ways to Make Your Ecommerce Shop Holiday-Ready

The back-to-school season is upon is, which means that the bustling holiday shopping season is right around the corner. For many e-commerce shops, this is the bread-and-butter season. With U.S. consumer confidence at 15-year highs and e-commerce projected to take an even bigger slice of the overall retail pie, online stores must go into the holiday season prepared.

7 Payment Processing Trends to Watch for 2019

Consumers are becoming more familiar with alternative payment methods and more confident in their security. As these payment options continue to gain in popularity, businesses need to adapt to consumer preferences — and having a clear understanding of the latest payment processing trends can help them make the right decisions for their future.

Bridging the Gap in Payment Processing Technology

Being an online merchant can be a careful balancing act. You want to deliver quality service to your customers, while maintaining security and a good cash flow. In theory, it doesn’t sound too bad, but if one small thing goes awry in the transaction chain, it can be difficult and costly to figure out what went wrong. This might shake customer faith in your business, present extra security concerns, and eat into profitability. If nothing else, having a long process between the time the customer puts their card info in to the transaction actually hitting your pockets is just tedious.