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Our Mission


To bridge the gap between online merchants and payment solutions.

Our Company


PayArc provides payment processing solutions to all types and sizes of merchants.   We know the challenges of starting and managing a business. PayArc provides merchants with the latest technology and payment options allowing merchants to focus on growing their businesses.


Our Story


PayArc Payment Processing Solutions came together for one purpose in mind, to serve you.  What makes us different than the “other guys” is our personalized approach and our ability to provide you with a customized solution that’s right for your business.

Unlike the “big” processors we don’t fit you into a box.  Our team works with you one on one to understand your business, goals and objectives so that we can provide a payment processing solution that will save your money and give you peace of mind.

Our industry leading Payment Processing solution gives you all the tools you need to start accepting payments online while lowering your risk to fraud and giving you some of the lowest rates in the industry.

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Earn money by referring PayArc payment processing products to your merchants.

API Developer

Click here to access our API documentation and integrate your system with PayArc.


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Reduce your rates and fraud with our industry leading online payment processing products

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