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How can PAYARC guarantee safety?

With options like tokenization and encryption, along with strict PCI compliance, PAYARC is a leader in security for payment processors.
Who can use PAYARC?

All kinds of organizations use PAYARC to accept payments and manage their business. From restaurants to not-for-profits, to some of the largest online retailers, we have the tools you need to succeed.
What are your support hours?

Our highly trained support team is available via phone or email 24/7. You can also learn from our blog, to find useful tips, articles, and thorough video walkthroughs.

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    Unlock the Power of AI with Payarc 

    At Payarc, we understand the critical role AI plays in transforming payment processing, enhancing security, and driving growth. Let’s explore how AI can elevate your business and why Payarc is your ideal partner in this journey. 

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    Benefits of Omnichannel Payment Processing for Retailers

    In retail, using an omnichannel payment strategy is important for staying competitive and providing great customer experiences. Curv POS enables retailers to easily integrate payment processing across all channels, providing a complete solution.

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  • Navigating the Omnichannel Payments Landscape - Different Platforms and Payment Devices

    Navigating the Omnichannel Payments Landscape 

    The payments landscape has undergone transformative changes, accelerated by the impact of COVID-19. With a surge in online shopping, businesses are adapting to omnichannel payments strategies, navigating challenges and capitalizing on consumer behaviors shaped by the pandemic. 

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