Best Practices for Continuity Subscription Merchants

Consumers value speed and convenience, making online shopping a preferred avenue for purchasing needed items. The rise in ecommerce has also given rise to multiple forms of payment, including credit and debit cards, digital gift cards, alternative methods (PayPal), and mobile wallets. Mobile has become an increasingly popular way to shop, accounting for 50% of ecommerce transactions.

Services such as Apple Pay and Samsung Pay have been on the rise to keep up with payments for continuity subscription merchants’ products and services. Alternative payment methods like PayPal have also garnered attention for ease-of-use.

The bottom line is that customers each have a preferred way to pay; not offering that method could turn valuable customers away. This is particularly true of continuity subscription merchants who are looking to keep customers around for the long-haul and who must go the extra mile to provide streamlined payment options. Offering a wide variety of payment methods and currencies is the best way to attract a wide base of customers and retain them long-term.

Continuity subscription merchants should work with a payment processor that offers a robust payment gateway with many payment options. A trusted payment processing partner can help you toggle options to best serve the needs of your customers.