Mobile App Payment Gateway

This may be THE MOST IMPORTANT consideration for your choice of mobile app payment gateway. eCommerce and mobile fraud prevention are top-of-mind for banks, credit card companies, payments processors and merchants of all types. Because retail merchants continue to experience fraud at alarmingly high — and growing — rates.

  • PCI-DSS Compliance, required by the card brands for any merchant transmitting or storing payment card data. Don’t neglect this requirement as you look at various gateways. Failure to maintain compliance can result in large fines from major card brands.
  • Support for fraud protection features like Address Verification and Card Code Verification (AVS/CVV), data encryption, tokenization, and other security protocols that allow you to monitor transactions in real-time.

Don’t shirk this responsibility as potential customers care a great deal about data security, especially the Millennial generation (a key target market).