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2019 Ecommerce Strategy

Jared Ronski was recently in the news discussing how optimizing mobile and omnichannel is table stakes for merchants looking to keep customers happy and retain them over the long haul. He speaks to the benefits of streamlining checkout, using a mobile-first strategy,...

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8 Credit Card Processing Tips for 2019

Finding the right payment processing provider is a bit like preparing for a Black Friday sale. It takes due diligence and the right knowledge to look past flashy offers. A great provider doesn’t just charge you for a service, they act as a partner who helps determine...

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What to Do About Post-Holiday Returns

Post-holiday returns are a reality for merchants of all shapes and sizes. Last year, UPS projected a whopping 1.4 million returns on  January 3, 2018. Ecommerce returns are projected to smash previous numbers, meaning merchants need to get prepared. Jared Ronski...

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