July 2020: Interchange Program Description & Rate Changes

Visa, Mastercard, and Discover are making big changes to some of their interchange programs in July 2020

Business Impacts

Merchant portfolios may need be reviewed to prepare profitability models that support these interchange rate changes.


Canada Region

Changes to Performance Tier 1 Fee Program for Visa Debit Transactions

Visa will modify the description of the existing Canada domestic Performance debit fee programs.

Changes to Performance Tier 1 Fee Program for Visa Consumer Credit Transactions

Visa will modify the rates and descriptions of the existing Canada domestic Performance credit fee programs.

Changes to Domestic Interchange Rates

Visa will modify the rates to existing Canada domestic interchange programs that apply to purchase and credit voucher transactions for Visa consumer credit products.

US Region

Changes to Interchange Fee Programs for Visa Consumer Transactions

Visa will modify the rate and description for the existing U.S. Supermarket Credit interchange program.

Changes to Business and Commercial Fee Descriptors and Rates

 Visa will modify the rates and descriptions of existing business, corporate and purchasing interchange programs.

Changes to Business Credit Interchange Fee Programs

Visa will modify the rates and descriptions of existing business credit interchange programs.


New Mastercard Enterprise Solution Wholesale Travel Program Product Codes—Program Name

Mastercard is expanding the Wholesale Travel Program by introducing 5 new commercial B2B credit product codes. The existing Wholesale Travel Program is being renamed to support the changes as Mastercard B2B Product.

2020-2021 Revised U.S.Region Interchange Programs and Rates for Assurance Framework

Mastercard is modifying the rates for existing U.S. domestic Consumer and Commercial interchange programs.


Discover Rate Changes

Discover is modifying several interchange rates for consumer debit, consumer credit and prepaid card products.

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