July 2020: Interchange Program Enhancements

Business Impacts

Merchant portfolios may need be reviewed to prepare profitability models that support these interchange rate changes.


Canada Region

Enhancements to Interregional Interchange Programs

Mastercard is enhancing interregional interchange programs for the Canada region and is reclassifying consumer credit product code MSP-Muse Mastercard to Consumer Super Premium, in addition to expanding Canada acquiring to consumer Super Premium products.

US Region

New Consumer Debit Product Code

Mastercard is introducing a new consumer debit product code, MCI-Mastercard Select Debit,in the Debit Mastercard (DMC) acceptance brand for the U.S. region and will be adding this new product code to existing interchange programs.

Expanded Use of Existing Consumer Debit Product Code ACS

Mastercard is expanding the use of existing consumer debit product code ACS-Digital Debit to existing interchange programs where product code MDS-Debit Mastercard Standard exists.

New Mastercard Enterprise Solution Wholesale Travel Program Product Codes


Mastercard is expanding the Wholesale Travel Program by introducing 5 new commercial B2B credit product codes. These new B2B product codes will be added to existing interchange programs. The existing Wholesale Travel Program is being renamed to support the changes as Mastercard B2B Product.


New Card Product Type for the Commercial Prepaid-Reloadable for the IIN Range

Discover will implement a new Product Type value, 015, for the Commercial Prepaid-Reloadable for the Issuer Identification Number (IIN) range.