COVID-19 And Contactless Payments

As we all grow more conscious of the way viruses spread and are careful to protect ourselves and others, some customers may be hesitant to touch credit card terminals to pay for their purchases. Luckily, contactless payment technology is largely in use in many, if not most places.

Today, most credit and debit cards are contactless-enabled, meaning that the customer can just hold the card close to the terminal and the payment will register. This done using RFID (radio frequency identification) or NFC (near field communication). You can even use contactless payments with a cell phone. In the United States, there is no floor limit for contactless payments, although a signature may be required for larger purchases.

So what are the best terminals for contactless payment? Fortunately, there are plenty of options available for those merchants who are looking to replace their current terminals with terminals that allow contactless payments.


PAX A920

With an HD screen and a thermal printer, this portable POS is stylish while also being powerful. A long-lasting battery and dual cameras allow reliable, fast transactions to keep your business running smoothly.


This countertop or portable terminal boasts full connectivity and a 4” HD touchscreen, making it so easy to process payments your customers will barely even notice its there. The modern design and powerful processor make this ideal for a busy restaurant or retail shop.


Dejavoo Z9

This wireless POS device is designed with mobile payments in mind. The large, sleek 3.5” color LCD touchscreen and wide keys make for easier use and enhanced battery allows for longer performance. This device is USB-C charging-capable and features both 3G and 4G GPRS. You can also use your own Wi-Fi network if you so choose. This device is capable of accepting EMV, magstripe, and contactless payments so you never miss a sale.

Dejavoo Z11

This sturdy countertop POS device is ideal for an active business that needs reliability above all. The Dejavoo Z11 has a 2.4” color LCD display with a backlight and PCT touchscreen for signature to make transactions quick and simple. This device can also accept all forms of payment, including contactless, so your customers can pay in any way they want.

If you’re looking to modernize your business and protect employees and customers at the same time, getting an NFC-capable terminal is one of the best ways to do so. Contact PAYARC today to see how you can get a new terminal!