How PayArc Helps Merchants Stay PCI Compliant

At PayArc, we understand how vital it is to help merchants stay compliant within the Payment Card Industry’s Data Security Standards.

t PayArc, we understand how vital it is to help merchants stay compliant within the Payment Card Industry’s Data Security Standards. We’ve all seen the headlines about giant companies being hacked and their customers’ credit and debit card information being sold on the Dark Web, so we know how scary it can be to have to be responsible for consumer data. That’s why we’ve partnered with ControlScan to help our merchants stay PCI-compliant and keep their customers’ trust.

ControlScan offers four major avenues for PCI Compliance: self-assessment, vulnerability scanning, compliance and security educational materials, and consulting services. They also offer access to live support through their portal, in the event that you need help with anything.

PCI 1-2-3 Self-Assessment Program

ControlScan describes their 1-2-3 self-assessment program as “like someone taking you by the hand and leading you through a dark forest”. That dark forest is the PCI self-assessment that most merchants can attest to, as only very large companies must undergo a formal QSA Assessment. It can be an extremely confusing and complex process, however, so ControlScan provides merchants with a communication portal with access to all the tools necessary to evaluate their PCI-DSS compliance.

External Vulnerability Scanning

The PCI DSS requires that external vulnerability scans be conducted at least once every three months on externally facing systems. The ControlScan PCI External Vulnerability Scanning Service will help you check for cross-site scripting, SQL injection, remote file inclusion and other vulnerabilities, determine where the issues are occurring, schedule and modify scan timeframes, and send vulnerability information to third parties to assist with compliance efforts.

Security Awareness Training

Another requirement of the PCI DSS is the regular education of company employees on security awareness. ControlScan offers a Security Awareness Training Service online, where you can pick the relevant courses to help your employees understand the security risks specific to your business. This training service comes complete with quizzes, certificates, and activity reports to help you keep track of your employees’ education.

Security Consulting Services

ControlScan also offers a security consulting service that helps business develop, maintain, and regularly test secure systems. This service also provides you a team of senior security consultants to advise you and your employees in how to make your business PCI compliant.

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