Payarc and Lendiom Forge Alliance to Enhance Payment Solutions for Real Estate Industry 


Greenwich, February 13, 2024— Payarc, a distinguished leader in payment processing solutions, announces its strategic partnership with Lendiom, a cutting-edge platform that elevates the management of owner-financed contracts and rental properties in the real estate sector. 

This collaboration represents a significant step forward in redefining payment processing solutions tailored specifically for real estate investors and property managers. By joining forces, Payarc and Lendiom aim to address key challenges encountered by industry professionals, offering a streamlined and customized payment experience. 

“We’re thrilled to partner with Payarc to provide our users with a comprehensive payment solution,” Hunter Haley, CEO of Lendiom, said. “Our platform has always been designed to make managing installment payments and rental properties easier for real estate investors and property managers. With Payarc, we’re taking it to the next level.” 

The partnership between Payarc and Lendiom is driven by a shared vision to reduce payment processing costs, facilitate deeper payment integration, and deliver personalized solutions tailored to Lendiom’s unique requirements. This collaboration eliminates barriers to entry, ensuring an easy and intuitive onboarding process for users, while simplifying payment processing tasks for industry professionals. 

Bradley Hilton, CTO of Lendiom, said, “Through the integration process, the personal support Payarc has provided has been exceptional. Working with Stephen at Payarc was second to none and is an example of their commitment to our partnership.” 

Real estate investors and property managers leveraging Lendiom’s innovative platform gained access to Payarc’s suite of payment processing benefits, including cost-effective solutions, secure payment gateways, and expert support services. This partnership empowers industry professionals to optimize their operations and focus on driving business growth. 

 “We are strongly dedicated to delivering tailored, innovative, omnichannel payment solutions that optimize transaction experiences,” said Zachary Martinez, CEO of Payarc. “Lendiom’s vision for streamlining processes and their focus on personalized relationships with their customers aligns perfectly with our mission of enabling payments.” 

This strategic alliance between Payarc and Lendiom marks a pivotal moment in the evolution of payment solutions within the real estate industry. Together, they are poised to set new standards of efficiency, support, and innovation, ultimately enhancing the payment experience for real estate investors and property managers.