PayArc rebranding helps strengthen their image as a payment gateway

To successfully embody fintech’s growth as an organization, the rebrand includes a new look, logo, and website across all platforms.

“PAYARC has evolved from a traditional payment processor to a technology-focused payment solution provider and our new branding reflects this”
— Zachary Martinez

GREENWICH, CT , UNITED STATES, January 12, 2022 / — PAYARC, a leading provider of integrated payment technology, announces today it is changing its image to reflect the organization’s growth and transformation from an innovative payments company to its position today as a leading technology and solutions provider in the financial space.
Since 2016, the company has established itself as the leading provider of payment solutions.

“Jared Ronski and I started PAYARC because we saw an opportunity to help merchants with best-in-class support and provide clear and transparent pricing” said Zachary Martinez, co-founder, and CEO of PAYARC. “While we continue to do this, PAYARC has evolved from a traditional payment processor to a technology-focused payment solution provider and our new branding reflects this”

In the last year, they have experienced tremendous growth in technology, products, partners, and human resources. PAYARC is not only a payment processing provider, it’s a one-stop solution for merchants and businesses of all sizes. Among their offerings, you can find business tools, insights, and real-time data to improve the future of your business. Solutions to manage every aspect of your organization – payments, invoicing, subscriptions, sales, customer insights, and more.

The rebranding includes a new website, logo, and user experience. The new easy-to-navigate and attractive website has extensive information about their products, services, and offerings. Overall, it provides a simpler, more effective experience to promote consistency across all audiences, and shows a full collection of adaptable business tools and features to build the right solution at any scale.

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PAYARC provides payment processing solutions to all types and sizes of merchants. With the latest technology, best practices, and transparent pricing models, we allow businesses to streamline their payment processes and focus on what really matters.

Their platform provides access to everything customers need to make seamless payments. This one-stop tool allows companies to move faster, work smarter, and make better decisions, one payment at a time. PAYARC powers more than $2 billion in transactions annually and operates with the support of more than 300 trusted partners.

PAYARC is unique in that it crafts custom solution models for each client. Their team works directly with clients to understand their business, goals, objectives, and needs, to cater personalized solutions so they can enjoy having a simple and efficient payment process.