Elevate your business with CURV POS, PAYARC’s lightning-fast point-of-sale solution. Enjoy all-in-one terminals, omnichannel technology, tailored solutions, intuitive features, and industry-specific customization. From restaurants to healthcare, CURV POS is the future of versatile payment solutions.

PAYARC Gateway

Secure and streamline your transactions with the PAYARC Gateway. Monitor real-time transactions, explore risk management capabilities, enjoy virtual terminal capabilities and more. Explore our gateway’s features and discover the unmatched advantages for your business. 

API Integrations

Unleash the potential of your software with PAYARC’s API Integrations in our PAYARC Gateway. Seamlessly integrate our solutions to enhance your application’s capabilities, have peace of mind with API Access Token, and enjoy swift merchant onboarding. Flexibility, scalability, and unparalleled support at your fingertips.

For Partners

Discover PAYARC Partner Solutions for streamlined merchant activations. Utilize Apply Wizard, gain insights through the Partner Hub, and enhance customer engagement with Omnichannel Products. Empower merchants via the Merchant Dashboard and benefit from our white glove support, free terminal programs, and co-branding options.

Merchant Accounts

Tailored solutions await in our Merchant Accounts offerings. Whether you operate in restaurants, retail, eCommerce, professional services, or healthcare, PAYARC ensures your business has a customized payment experience.

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