Curv is more than just a point-of-sale system; its an all-in-one platform designed to meet the diverse needs of bars and restaurants. With sleek and intuitive terminals, Curv simplifies transactions, providing a seamless experience for both merchants and customers.

Diverse Terminals and Bundles

Explore our various POS terminals and bundles, including Curv Lite, Quick Serve, and Full Service, designed to meet the unique requirements of different businesses.

Omnichannel Capabilities

Designed with omnichannel functionality, Curv adapts effortlessly to the demands of modern commerce. Whether you’re transacting online, mobile, or in-store, at a bustling bar, a trendy restaurant, or a thriving retail store, Curv ensures a unified experience across various channels, fostering operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Tailored Solutions for Bars and Restaurants

Curv offers a host of features to streamline operations. Enjoy menu customization with real-time control, effective employee management, optimized kitchen processes, and efficient table management—all at your fingertips. Curv empowers businesses to deliver exceptional service and drive customer loyalty.

White Glove Service and Beyond

At Payarc, we stand firmly behind Curv, providing unwavering support through our white glove service. From onboarding to day-to-day operations, our dedicated team ensures that you get the most out of Curv.

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