Our PAYFAC Platform is meticulously crafted to enhance your payment processing experience, providing unparalleled benefits and distinctive features that position us as pioneers in the industry. Let’s explore the fundamental aspects that establish PAYARC as the preferred option for seamless and effective payment integration.

Split Payments

Empower yourself with control over funding instructions using PAYARC’s Split Payments API or Virtual Terminal. Split transaction components into smaller accounts or accounts that don’t process transactions. Flexibility is at the core of this functionality, offering a dynamic solution that caters to the unique requirements of businesses.

Payment Integration Choices

Within the PAYFAC framework, Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) enjoy the perks of advanced automation, streamlining the entire customer lifecycle. From simplifying onboarding processes to accelerating funding times, our platform is a transformative force in the payment solutions landscape.

Dashboard Excellence

Each ISV sub-merchant is assigned a unique identifier in PAYARC, unlocking a personalized gateway experience. Our central dashboard is a hub of powerful tools for efficiently managing daily tasks, from reconciling transactions to handling chargebacks. This user-centric design ensures an intuitive and streamlined experience for both ISVs and their sub-merchants.

ID Provisioning/Onboarding

Select the onboarding option that aligns with your preferences under PAYARC’s PAYFAC Program. Fueled by advanced technology for real-time automated underwriting checks, our platform provides a hosted UI or API integration. Revel in a swift and seamless approval process, facilitating a fully digital onboarding experience.

Electronic Payment Acceptance Variety

The PAYFAC program unfolds a multitude of options for accepting electronic payments, encompassing cards, ACH transactions, virtual terminals, stored accounts, recurring payments, fixed installments, invoices, and surcharging/dual pricing. Tailor your payment acceptance plan to align with your specific needs and surpass customer expectations.

Payment Acceptance Methods

At PAYARC, we directly collaborate with ISV developers, fostering a cooperative approach to crafting tailor-made payment interfaces within existing systems. Offering a spectrum of options like APIs and iFrames, we ensure seamless integration through customization, providing businesses with a spectrum of choices.

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