Visa Reason Codes

Visa reason codes are a string of numbers assigned to different explanations for chargebacks.

Visa reason codes are a string of numbers assigned to different explanations for chargebacks. All card brands have their own reason codes, and they’re meant to keep things organized when a dispute occurs. Visa has 4 categories for disputes: Fraud, Authorization, Processing Error, and Consumer Dispute.

Fraud Codes

Fraud is given the reason code 10. There are 5 fraud reasons:

  • 10.1: EMV Liability Shift Counterfeit Fraud
  • 10.2: EMV Liability Shift Non-Counterfeit Fraud
  • 10.3: Other Fraud – Card Present Environment
  • 10.4: Other Fraud – Card Absent Environment
  • 10.5: Visa Fraud Monitoring Program

Authorization Codes

Authorization is given the reason code 11. There are 3 authorization reasons:

  • 11.1: Card Recovery Bulletin or Exception File
  • 11.2: Declined Authorization
  • 11.3: No Authorization

Processing Errors

Processing Errors are given the reason code 12. There are 7 processing error reasons:

  • 12.1: Late Presentment
  • 12.2: Incorrect Transaction Code
  • 12.3: Incorrect Currency
  • 12.4: Incorrect Transaction Account Number
  • 12.5: Incorrect Transaction Amount
  • 12.6: Duplicate Processing or Paid by Other Means
  • 12.7: Invalid Data

Consumer Disputes

Consumer Disputes are given the reason code 13. There are 9 consumer dispute reasons:

  • 13.1: Services Not Provided or Merchandise Not Received
  • 13.2: Cancelled Recurring Transaction
  • 13.3: Not as Described or Defective Merchandise/Services
  • 13.4: Counterfeit Merchandise
  • 13.5: Misrepresentation of the Purchased Good and/or Service
  • 13.6: Credit Not Processed
  • 13.7: Cancelled Merchandise/Services
  • 13.8: Original Credit Transaction Not Accepted
  • 13.9: Non-Receipt of Cash or Load Transaction Value at ATM
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