Why Independent Sales Agents Choose PAYARC for Merchant Services  

Independent sales agents have a multitude of choices for payment processing partners in the merchant services industry. At PAYARC, we strive to differentiate ourselves from the competition and provide a partnership solution focused on a commitment to service excellence. Our mission to deliver a comprehensive range of offerings and unparalleled benefits comes second only to our core value of best-in-class customer service. PAYARC’s dedicated agent support team works exclusively for our agent partners to create a high-touch service experience. Discover why independent sales agents choose PAYARC for merchant services. 

Better Commission Splits

Better Commission Splits

At PAYARC, we value the hard work of our agents. That’s why we offer better commission splits without requiring a minimum monthly deal amount. Our independent sales partners can earn up to 90% revenue shares, plus additional activation and signing bonuses of up to $7,500. For a limited time, agents can also take advantage of the CURV POS free terminal placement program.

Omnichannel Solutions

PAYARC allows agents to provide merchants with a unified payment experience by combining online, in-store, and mobile payment channels. Merchants can connect and access their business from any terminal or smartphone, and process payments through our proprietary apps and gateways. This level of flexibility empowers agents to cater to the evolving needs of their clients and enhance their overall business offerings. Our in-house development team creates the integrated features of a true omnichannel environment while our design team ensures the most user-friendly experience. 

Omnichannel Solutions

POS Products

PAYARC’s robust lineup of physical point-of-sales products empowers independent sales agents to meet the diverse requirements of their merchants. Our product lineup includes countertop devices, card readers, terminals, mobile apps, printers, and more from partners such as AMP and PAX to SwipeSimple and Clover. Whatever need a merchant requires for their payment processing, our agent partners are able to provide from our offerings. Plus, agents can place the CURV POS with any merchant at no upfront cost!


Simplifying business operations and enhancing efficiency, PAYARC offers seamless integration capabilities. PAYARC helps agents connect their merchant services with accounting software, inventory management, and customer relationship management (CRM) platforms. This makes it easier for agents to integrate these important business systems into their operations. This integration streamlines workflows, minimizes manual tasks, and optimizes overall efficiency, allowing agents to focus on growing their business.  

Wholesale Processor

PAYARC agents benefit from our direct wholesale relationship with bank sponsorships that cover a wide range of verticals. We take care of our own underwriting and risk management so you can focus on building your business. In contrast to large-scale processors, you and your merchants are our top priority. Enjoy competitive bonuses without a required monthly minimum.

White Glove Support and One Call Resolution

We understand the importance of timely support. With PAYARC, you can count on having someone on the other end of the line within 15 seconds, 24/7. Our white-glove support ensures that you receive personalized assistance and achieve one-call resolutions. We commit to providing you with exceptional support whenever you need it. Furthermore, our personalized application process allows for approvals within 24 hours.

Dual Pricing Program

Our omnichannel CURV POS system now allows merchants to pass on acceptance costs to customers – removing up to 100% of processing fees. It aligns with our agents’ Schedule A and has no extra transaction fees. This makes our compliant Dual Pricing Program one of the best in the industry. Partners can either offer it to customers without obligation or impacting buy rates, or revenue share for extra flexibility.

Free Terminal Program

The CURV free terminal program allows merchants to pay a monthly subscription instead of upfront costs for the terminal. This flexible approach makes it easier for businesses to adopt advanced payment solutions without any financial burden. It’s a win-win situation for both you and your merchants. Now, merchants can start accepting payments in as little as 24 hours without any fees upfront.

Sales agents choose PAYARC for merchant services because it offers a wide range of services.   

PAYARC provides the tools and support you need to thrive in the industry. With omnichannel solutions, versatile POS products, seamless integration, better commission splits, white-glove support, upfront bonuses, and a free terminal program.  

To learn more about how PAYARC can elevate your merchant services and empower your success, contact us today.