Bridging the Gap in Payment Processing Technology

Being an online merchant can be a careful balancing act. You want to deliver quality service to your customers, while maintaining security and a good cash flow. In theory, it doesn’t sound too bad, but if one small thing goes awry in the transaction chain, it can be difficult and costly to figure out what went wrong. This might shake customer faith in your business, present extra security concerns, and eat into profitability. If nothing else, having a long process between the time the customer puts their card info in to the transaction actually hitting your pockets is just tedious.

Finding an end-to-end payment processor can help with these issues. A end-to end payment processor simply means that the processor handles the entire transaction chain: they are there from the beginning when the transaction is initiated, all the way to the end. It might not seem like a big deal, but these kinds of processor have serious benefits for merchants. Read on for three big ways that end-to-end processing can bridge the gap between online merchants and payment solutions.

1: Easy integration

Easy integration is one of the most important parts of an online payment processor. You want a product that can easily integrate with your site, offering a professional and simple experience for your customers. An end-to-end processor can help with that — these payment processors integrate will all kinds of technology at the very beginning of the transaction chain. From there, they can leverage their relationships with banks to support merchants at every point of the transaction process. Instead of handing things off to an acquiring bank, issuing bank, or other parties, you’re in one pair of hands the whole way.

2: Fraud Protection

Consumers are wary after the major data breaches of the last few years. Online security is on everyone’s mind, and if customers are too jittery about potential fraud, it could cut into your bottom line. As a merchant, you should take steps to reduce the likelihood that payment information might get stolen. One way to do that is to look into end-to-end processing. The more steps there are between when a consumer swipes their card to when a merchant absorbs the transaction, the more opportunities there are for that information to become compromised. And if there’s a breakdown anywhere in the process, it take more time to locate it and make sure payments are still secure.

A single point of contact reduces all of these risks. End-to-end processing simplifies the transaction chain and provides fewer opportunities for information to be stolen. And with only one payment processor, any issues that arise in the transaction process can be taken care of quickly. This higher level of security in end-to-end payment processing technology gives consumers and merchants more peace of mind: a win-win scenario for everyone.

3: Saving Time

It’s not a hard calculation: subtracting the middlemen from a transaction saves you time. With other payment processors, it can sometimes take up to a week for merchants to receive a payment, creating potential cash flow issues. Switching to a processor with end-to-end technology makes this process not only simpler, but faster as well. Having only one point-of-contact helps facilitate smoother and faster transactions. And as an added bonus, there’s better accountability from the beginning to the end of the process: there’s only one party dealing with this transaction, rather than many different banks.

With an end-to-end payment processor, cutting out these other entities can also save you money.  The more people that are involved in a transaction, the higher the labor and overhead costs can rise. An end-to-end processor can complete a transaction much more rapidly than the alternative, simply because there are fewer parties involved. And time is money, after all. ..Shouldn’t you be trying to get more of it?

End-to-end payment processors take care of every piece of the payment puzzle. They have strong relationships with banks, deliver more cohesive reporting, and experience greater operational efficiency than the standard payment processing chain. Ready to make the switch? Find a merchant account provider like PayArc. With over 300 integrations, merchants can connect with PayArc virtually any way possible,  allowing them to focus on growing and managing their business. Are you ready to explore payment solutions for your business?