Mobile-First Payments: Understanding the New Way to Pay

A February 2018 study from Pew Research found that 77 percent of Americans now own a smartphone. That’s more than double the amount of smartphones than when Pew first began tracking these numbers in 2011 (it was only 35 percent then). And as more smartphones make their way into the pockets of Americans, it’s more likely that they’ll turn to that device to make payments in their everyday life.

The Future of Frictionless Payments

New technology has expanded the ways we pay. Where cash was once king, credit and debit cards now reign supreme. Even that upseating is in the process of dynamic change. As consumer lifestyle preferences shift and convenience is valued over all, many consumers are looking for even easier ways to pay online.

How to beat business goals without breaking the bank

Business objectives drive the best choices every business owner makes. At least, owners wanting to make money in the real world look to their business objectives when deciding how to take products to market. Mobile app monetization represents one such choice that all app developers must make. Have you thought that through for your app?

Mobile App Payment Gateway Integration 101

With more and more people needing to shop on the go, it’s become quite apparent that merchants must take their products and service to mobile markets to remain competitive. While many customers are spending money through in-app purchases and subscriptions in top app interfaces, such as the Apple Store and Google Play, there’s a significant demographic of purchasers who are ready to make their everyday purchases (event tickets, restaurant dinners, and utility bills) through mobile, as well.