Month: November 2021

Top Considerations for Running $1 Trial Offers

Offering $1 trial offers is a great way to acquire new customers and enable people to try your product or service at a discount. It’s a lucrative business model for subscription and continuity merchants who offer products and services at a recurring fee. While it has several financial benefits, this model also has some drawbacks.

What’s a Chargeback? Understanding Different Types of Ecommerce Fraud

If you are a new merchant in ecommerce, you will likely find yourself asking “what’s a chargeback?” at some point. Chargebacks are an unfortunate reality for online merchants, though with the right knowledge and planning, chargebacks can be minimized. A chargeback is happens when a customer disputes a charge with their payment card issuing bank and the bank refunds the transaction to the customer.

Top Ecommerce Fraud Prevention Tricks for the Holidays

The holiday season is the most important time of the year for online businesses. While an increased number of shoppers are perusing ecommerce sites, an increased number of bad actors are, too. Even though Christmas is behind us, the holiday selling season is not over. Many consumers will take advantage of post-holiday sales and begin redeeming gift cards received during the holiday season (typically spending more than the gift card amount). Without the right ecommerce fraud prevention tricks, merchants are at risk for serious losses. It’s important to have the right tools in place to combat fraud year-round, but merchants are especially at risk during this busy time of year.